Sound Designing with Prairies

Turn down any side street that leads through a residential area--what do you see? Lawns dotted with trees and flower beds. Though suburbanites manage their greenery with mowers and weed whackers and clippers, not grazing animals and wildfires, is it any wonder that early man settled on open grasslands (savanna… »

World Listening Day 2014

Nothing settles me down more than holding a fishing rod and listening to the surf. Anybody who passes is quiet so they won’t scare the fish, but my hook is not baited. I just don’t want to be reported for suspicious activity.… »

Global Sunrise

International Dawn Chorus Day Listen to sunrise circle the globe beginning in Australia, passing over Asia, Africa, Europe, and the Americas. One 24 hour cycle reduced to a little over a minute.… »

Earth Day 2014 Award

Geoff Keller of Frog Ranch, Indiana, is the recipient of Quiet Planet’s first Seeds of Quiet Award*. Keller is an accomplished nature sound recordist and operates a private anuran nursery. He will help defend wildlife from noise pollution as a new board member for Noise Free America. It's folks… »

How to Record Waves

Photo credit: Chris Lamarca The ocean is a drum There is something magic about the music of wild beaches, confirmed by the fact that ocean albums outsell all other nature albums on iTunes and seacoasts are among the most popular vacation destinations. If you aspire to become a professional nature… »

Sound Designing with Waves

Waves come in all sizes and sounds, from the gentle wash of spring tide that gently tinkles coastal seashell shards to winter’s thundering onshore stampede of white-maned giants. All report weather history both near and far. Waves embrace us even on dry land. We unconsciously synchronize our breathing, our… »