Sound Designing with Prairies

Turn down any side street that leads through a residential area--what do you see? Lawns dotted with trees and flower beds. Though suburbanites manage their greenery with mowers and weed whackers and clippers, not grazing animals and wildfires, is it any wonder that early man settled on open grasslands (savanna… »

How to Record Waves

Photo credit: Chris Lamarca The ocean is a drum There is something magic about the music of wild beaches, confirmed by the fact that ocean albums outsell all other nature albums on iTunes and seacoasts are among the most popular vacation destinations. If you aspire to become a professional nature… »

Sound Designing with Waves

Waves come in all sizes and sounds, from the gentle wash of spring tide that gently tinkles coastal seashell shards to winter’s thundering onshore stampede of white-maned giants. All report weather history both near and far. Waves embrace us even on dry land. We unconsciously synchronize our breathing, our… »

How to Record Flowing Water

Flowing water is one of natures’ sonic miracles. It produces every frequency audible to the human ear, from the faint taps of melting snow, to the gurgling flow of a winding brook, to the roaring thunder of a mighty waterfall. Plus, it is among the easiest, safest, and most enjoyable… »

Sound Designing with Flowing Water

Water’s vacillating voice, from mountain top to ocean destiny, echoes our own passage through life. Birthed as a murmur. Growing to babbling infancy and boisterous youth. Maturing, sometimes to tumultuous mid-life crises with sudden falls. Then settling into a quiet, meandering old age before its own inescapable end, reunion… »

Sound Designing with Thunder and Rain

All around us we witness the transformative power of weather. Storm-lashed seas shape coastlines. Winds blow sands into dunes. Rivers carve out valleys and canyons. When the weather changes, we notice. Should we hear a single raindrop, we instinctively listen for another, because any moment could bring a downpour. Nothing… »